Bribery Risk Management

Organizations have a responsibility to proactively contribute to combating bribery. The anti-bribery management system (according to the standard ISO 37001:2016 or not), and through leadership commitment to establishing a culture of integrity, transparency, openness, and compliance can help organizations to fight bribery.

Bribery risk assessment is very important for the successful implementation of the anti-bribery management system. The tool which is introduced in this article can help to solve this task.

The tool is for those who develop and implement Anti-bribery Management systems or wishes to demonstrate their integrity or their corporate social responsibility.

If you want to constantly control the bribery risks which the organization might reasonably anticipate the tool is for you.

The Bribery Risk Management Tool can help you to ensure:

  • bribery risks identification;
  • bribery risks assessment;
  • bribery risks analysis;
  • selection of risks treatment options;
  • identification, assignment of measures;
  • monitoring of the status of measures;
  • control organization’s bribery risks;
  • maintenance of the appropriate documented information;
  • compliance with the requirements;
  • demonstration of due diligence;
  • information for the review of your bribery risk results.

Also, the Risk and Opportunities Anti-Bribery Management System Tool can be useful. These tools can be used separately or together.

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