IAQG Releases AIMM Application

AIMM is ready to help organizations improve their Management System. Designed and developed by IAQG, the maturity model helps organizations move beyond compliance to the 9100 standard and improve the maturity of their QMS.

AIMM is structured as a 26 module, web-based application that is highly flexible and intended for use by both certified or non-certified organizations either for the entire scope of a compliant 9100 Standard QMS or specific areas of interest.  As organizations continue to use AIMM, an added feature is the ability to compare system benchmarks contributing to a better understanding of an organization’s pace of change.

Those who utilize AIMM can select and prioritize areas of interest for improvement throughout the supply chain or within the internal manufacturing process.  More impo rtantly, organizations may conduct assessments on their own schedule and base the timing of these assessments on the organization’s strategy, goals, or previous assessment results.

To learn more visit, or access the application today at

Font: IAQG

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