US Chipmaker Commits to EUR 300 Million Expansion in Northern Germany

American semiconductor manufacturer Vishay is enlarging its production facilities in the northern German city of Itzehoe. The company has purchased three-hectare plot of land as part of a EUR 300 million project to expand its capacities.

The expansion comes amidst expectations of continuing development in electro-mobility in Germany. In 2015, Vishay relocated production of its metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) for motor vehicles from the United States to Itzehoe.

“The expanded production should meet the needs of the automotive industry in future as Vishay has a solid customer base in Germany and Europe,” said Vishay Project Manager Martin Schneider in a company statement.

The expansion follows other large-scale semiconductor production projects in Germany, most notably Intel’s planned EUR 17 billion multi-fabs in Magdeburg.

Vishay’s customers include Siemens, LG, Philips and Dell. The company works with the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology  (ISIT) in Itzehoe.

“Vishay has played a major part in Itzehoe becoming an increasingly important technology location in recent years,” commented the city’s deputy mayor, Ralph Busch, in the company statement.

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