Odette2022 – Building Solutions for Sustainable Supply Chains

Programme announced. Registration open

Few people could have predicted the way the world is today. Geopolitical turmoil, trade wars, real wars, pandemics, rapidly evolving technology and demands for drastic reductions in emissions have resulted in an automotive environment that is more volatile than at any other time in its history. Those who wish to survive must have a flexible and sustainable supply chain able to react quickly to an ever-changing situation.

Supply Chain Management in the automotive industry is attracting more investment than ever and has evolved from player to orchestra director, federating internal and external partners. In taking this leading position, supply chain managers have quickly realised that digitalisation and standardisation are two sides of the same coin and that collaboration across the industry is vital to success.

After more than 3 years apart, it’s now time to get out of your home office and meet again at Odette2022 on 23/24 May in Prague for this 100% live event. The agenda featuring more than 40 decision makers is now available. 


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