Porsche Electric Hypercar Not A Priority At The Moment

Instead, the brand wants a smaller performance vehicle.

The 2020 Geneva Motor Show was supposed to be big for Porsche. The Stuttgart-based automaker had plans to stage the world public premiere of the new 911 Turbo family but the cancelation of the event forced the brand to reveal the sports car online. Journalists from various automotive news outlets had meetings arranged with executives from the company but these had to be canceled as well. Still, Autocar had the chance to make a phone interview with Michael Mauer, the company’s design chief.

The most interesting topic of the talk was a potential electrified or fully electric hypercar from Porsche. Unfortunately, the execs from Stuttgart are not keen on the idea, or at least that’s what Mauler thinks. The reason? Weight, aerodynamics, and batteries.

“I think now it is so challenging with the weight of batteries to find the best compromise of performance, drivability, and lower weight,” Mauer told the online publication. “These hypercars are not only heavy, they are very much driven by aerodynamics, so they end up looking very similar. There is also the fact that [with an EV] the engine [power and character] is not a big deal any more, and therefore I would love to do something different.”

So, what’s that different project Porsche could invest into? According to the design boss, the sports car maker is more interested in a smaller, potentially hybrid, vehicle with a focus on driveability. “What I personally find very challenging is not to have another hypercar with 2000 hp, but for the Porsche brand to look into something smaller, something lighter, with more of a drivability focus,” explained Mauer.

Fonte: Motor 1

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