The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and the International Automotive Oversight Bureau (IAOB) proudly announce the IAOB’s continued sponsorship of AIAG’s Core Tools Support (CTS) software. With this announcement for 2021, the IAOB agreed to sponsor 250 IATF certified organizations with a one-year CTS license. Recipients of sponsored subscriptions must be certified to IATF 16949 by one of the IAOB’s 20 IATF certification bodies, which are listed on the IAOB website.


Cherie Reiche, managing director of the IAOB, explains: “The International Automotive Oversight Bureau (IAOB) believes that FMEAs and Control Plans are living documents and should be kept current. Additionally, many FMEAs and Control Plans contain mistakes and these mistakes not only cost time and money but can damage the reputation of your organization with your customers. In support of improving the management of FMEAs, Control Plans, and PPAP documentation, the IAOB, in partnership with AIAG, will provide up to 250 IATF certified organizations with a 1- year no cost subscription to AIAG’s Core Tools Support (CTS) software in the 2021 timeframe.”


Per the IAOB’s data analytics, 445 major non-conformances and 9,666 minor non-conformances were written against Control Plans during IATF 16949 audits from July 2019 through August 2020. While these Control Plan issues are identified as audit non-conformances, they also create customer and internal process issues that can negatively affect your processes and organization.


AIAG’s CTS software develops Control Plans and FMEAs in a secure, cloud-based environment that allows employees to access the documents when needed. Quick, easy updating of Control Plans and FMEAs link these changes between documents to ensure your documents communicate and are aligned, while promoting attention to detail when making changes and improvements. Revision control is maintained within CTS by having one workspace for editing the documents – there are no longer electronic copies of the same document in multiple locations.


This offer is available to the first 250 eligible organizations – including international organizations covered by the IAOB’s certification bodies – through December 2021. Qualifying organizations must be IATF certified by one of the IAOB’s 20 IATF certification bodies and have a certification in good standing when applying for this special offer. While AIAG membership is not required to be eligible, CTS customers will be prompted to review and agree with AIAG’s terms and conditions for the subscription and will also be asked for their IATF certificate number along with other professional details to verify eligibility and establish CTS membership.


Eligible organizations cannot have either a current CTS subscription or have previously received an IAOB sponsored CTS subscription in 2020.


Please click here to begin the registration process for your free one year CTS license! For questions regarding the details of this offer, please contact AIAG at



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