Risked Based Audit Day Calculation

The IATF has developed a more defined concept of when and how the minimum audit days must be increased based on customer risk.

This concept clarifies how to add audit time to certified organizations who are Tier 1 suppliers to an IATF OEM. These Tier 1 suppliers will have some time (hours) added to their audit if they are not meeting the IATF OEM specified quality and delivery performance targets. The IATF-recognized certification body will use the additional audit time to focus on the corrective action process and prevention of recurrence, including for related processes and products.

The IATF has approved additional Rules 5th Edition Sanctioned Interpretations (SIs 26 – 28) which define the method to implement this concept.  Please refer to the attached two Communique’s for more details.

The SIs for Rules 5th Edition

Font: IATF

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