Odette/AIAG Webinars: MMOG/LE Readiness

Odette and AIAG recently announced the release of Version 5 of MMOG/LE. This new version of the widely used supply chain capability assessment tool takes account of the latest evolutions in supply chain processes, logistics and communications technology, cyber security and related audit standards. The tool itself has also been upgraded and is now only available as a browser-based IT application known as

Several OEMs have already started to request MMOG/LE v5 from their suppliers and it is vital that all suppliers have a strategy in place to migrate to the new versionon thenew platform in order to be able to meet the requirements of their customers.

However, MMOG users do not need to wait to migrate to v5 in order to start benefiting from the advanced features of as the application also supports MMOG/LE v4 and all customers are able to accept v4 assessments produced using

To support the community in this migration and address any possible knowledge gaps, Odette and AIAG are running webinars conveniently scheduled for each automotive region.

Target audience:

  • Companies using MMOG/LE v4 in Excel who would like to take early advantage of the many benefits offered by
  • Companies who need to migrate to MMOG/LE v5
  • Companies already using who want to enhance their knowledge of the tool
  • Companies who are considering requesting MMOG/LE from their own supplier base
What will you learn?
  • The key drivers for the development of MMOG/LE v5
  • How to order and set up your ecosystem
  • How to migrate seamlessly from MMOG.xls to
  • How to create an MMOG/LE assessment in


Fonte: Odette

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