Layered Process Audit (LPA) Courses

Ready to learn more about Layered Process Audits (LPAs)? We’ve got two options for next month – simply read on for more detail or click the links to register today!

Implementing Layered Process Audits (LPA): Next offered as a live virtual training on March 22, 2021, this course helps attendees learn how to implement LPAs to improve product quality and customer satisfaction. Participants will become comfortable with an efficient LPA implementation model and the sample formats and reports provided within CQI-8. Activities and discussions in this one day course will help participants create effective LPA questions, and understand the differences between the major OEM customer requirements for LPAs.

Leadership’s Role in a Successful Layered Process Audit (LPA): Next offered as a live virtual training on March 23, 2021, this course focuses on the importance of leadership seeing the value in LPAs and participating appropriately. Without specific leadership behaviors and actions, LPAs can feel like a waste of time – but when leaders are engaged beyond just offering tacit support, organizations can achieve a culture of accountability, process control and continuous improvement.


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